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After The End

DVD Release: 12/10/2013

  • Grades: 9-12
  • College/University
  • Adult
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Filmmaking
  • Social Studies


  • Length: 88 min
  • Director: Calvin Leung
  • Cast: Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez, Leigh “Breeze-Lee” Foaad

The soulful journey of a professional street dance company, Versa-Style, as they create an inspired theatrical stage show in Los Angeles. Led by Jackie "Miss Funk" Lopez, a single Latina mother, and her partner Leigh "Breeze-Lee" Foaad, they pull together a dance company with young people from the street scene and the yards of Los Angeles’ public schools, infusing in them a sense of discipline and commitment. A community develops where people of all races and creeds are able to express themselves, turning their fears and desperation into performance art. More than a dance troupe, Versa-Style becomes a family and serves to upend prejudice about the hip hop lifestyle.

  • DVD UPC: 881394118621
  • CLS Catalog: CLS1186
  • Buy $150 Public Performance License (University)
  • Buy $300 DVD with Educational Use License (University)

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