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The First 70

DVD Release: 5/21/2013

  • Grades: K-12
  • College/University
  • Adult
  • State Parks
  • Government
  • Environment Culture

The First 70

  • Length: 30 min
  • Director: Jarratt Moody

In May 2011, the State of California announced plans to close one quarter of its 278 parks. The closure list included thousands of acres of park land, recreation areas, wildlife reserves, and half of the state's historic parks.

Upon learning that the state would save merely $22 million with these closures—while undermining local economies—three young filmmakers set out to visit the 70 parks that were doomed to close. Along the 3,000 mile trek, they capture both the majesty of the state’s parks and the outrage of local community members, park rangers and environmental activists who are confounded by the State’s financial logic, yet determined to keep these wondrous expanses of beauty open to the public. The First 70 is an awe-in-State-Parking journey through California’s historic and natural treasures that highlights the ongoing fight to keep them open for future generations.

  • CLS Catalog: CLS1174
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DVD Extras:
Trailer, Behind The Scenes, Cutting Room Floor, Animals of the Parks, A Fish at the Capitol, Extensive Photo Gallery, Download: California State Parks Foundation